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Do Senior Citizens Need Advice?

5 years, 8 months ago
Do Senior Citizens Need Advice?

Generally older people find it difficult to express themselves, especially when it comes to explaining health conditions. Very often they are unable to detect the signals.

It is here that health advocacy can help. Sometimes it is a challenge to create the right understanding in the elderly about their condition. But once the right message is delivered without causing much discomfort or stress, delivering the right solution is possible. It is important how the message is passed on to them for the elderly are prone to melancholy, more so, if they are lonely.

An expert at hand can achieve a few things, especially when it comes to maintenance of health and well being. Prevention is better than cure. So to have someone around to identify areas of concern and take prompt action can certainly prolong that period of well being.

Treatment during illness, costs, types of services necessary and quality of service are areas that the expert can appropriately represent to the healthcare givers on behalf of the older senior citizens who either do not have family support or do not enjoy sufficient community engagement.

Key role of the advocate:

  • Help create awareness – they help in educating the patient about his health condition and also give a clear account of the patient to the care givers.
  • Better communication – where patients are unable to express themselves, the advocate helps deliver the right message so that both the care giver as well as the elderly beneficiary understand each other and cooperate for administration of services in the best possible manner.
  • Maintaining efficiency – the intervention of the advocate provides greater understanding and efficiency of services to the elder.
  • Continuity of care – better understanding ensures continuity in care giving and well being of patient.

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