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An Appeal

3 years, 4 months ago
An Appeal

The vaccine for nCovid has arrived and the governments, both Central and State, are in the midst of identifying recipients through a prioritization process. The Union government is committed to vaccinating the entire population of the country. Obviously, it will take a long time given the size of our population.

While the first phase of recipients of the vaccine are doctors and healthcare workers, especially those who are in the direct line of the treatment being given to patients. They are in close proximity to the nCovid patients and naturally more susceptible to contracting the disease.

In the next phase, persons above the age of fifty with co-morbidities and the elder population will be vaccinated. The government has devised a process through which identification will be made. The government sponsored digital app, “CoWin” will shortly be made available to common people for registration.

Our concern starts here. Since there is plenty of information going around about the efficacy of the vaccine in its present incarnation, unless the information is from a centralized credible entity, it will possibly do more harm than good.

At Live After 60, a portal designed to engage with the elder population with a view to assisting them raise their quality of life, our goal is to help in our small way the process the government has started for identifying vaccine recipients.

So we have prepared a small format where we want the elderly population to mention apart from their credentials, the possible ailments they may be combating at this point in time. Knowledge of the existing health issues will go a long way in taking the right precautions before being vaccinated. For instance, it would certainly help to know if potential recipients are vulnerable to allergens and so on and so forth.

Our request is please fill the form attached and clearly mention specific health issues which may interfere with the process of vaccination. At least knowing about such issues will definitely help doctors and the healthcare workers now being trained to administer the vaccine.

We think it is a small service we can provide to our valued elder community which is often subjected in many ways to negligence and indifference.

So, please come forward. Help us to help you. Please fill up this Google Form, either for yourself if you are a senior citizen, or for senior citizens whom you know; to do so, please click on the following link: COVID-19 Vaccine Survey for Senior Citizens.

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Subhash Mohanti is a founder member of Live After 60. You can reach Subhash at subhash@liveafter60.com, or leave a comment below.


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